Data from Mullin, Riley & Hardcastle 2008 (z < 1.0 FRIIs)

At this site you will find data and FITS images on powerful radio galaxies and radio-loud quasars from the papers by These papers, between them, have imaged and collected data on almost all of the complete 3CRR sample of FRII extragalactic radio sources with redshifts less than 1.0 at high frequencies and high resolutions, using observations with the VLA and MERLIN radio telescopes. The database presented here is based on the measurements of Mullin et al (2008) and Hardcastle et al (1998) and is the one used for jet speed estimation by Mullin & Hardcastle (2009).

The latest database page is here and a list of radio maps available is here. If you wish to use either data or maps from this site in publications, please see the credits for some important information.

Some help is available here and some information on the fields available in the database is here.

The database maintainer can be contacted at

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