Source page for 3C265

FieldValueUnitsConverted fieldValueUnits
Source name3C265   
Source classN   
178-MHz flux21.3Jy178-MHz luminosity5.15 × 1027W/Hz/sr
High-resolution map frequency4.85GHz   
High-resolution map resolution0.400arcsecHigh-resolution map spatial resolution3.02kpc
High-resolution map dynamic range4600   
Low-resolution map frequency4.85GHz   
Low-resolution map resolution1.00arcsecLow-resolution map spatial resolution7.54kpc
Low-resolution map dynamic range7510   
Beams across source (high resolution)193   
Beams across source (low resolution)77.2   
Total map flux0.697JyTotal map luminosity1.28 × 1026W/Hz/sr
Total map flux error0.021JyTotal map luminosity error3.9 × 1024W/Hz/sr
Core flux0.00278JyCore luminosity6.89 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Core flux error0.00008JyCore luminosity error2 × 1022W/Hz/sr
Core prominence0.000134   
Core prominence error0.000004   
Total source size (hotspot distances)66.12arcsecTotal source size (hotspot distances)498.7kpc
Total source size (sum of linear lobe lengths)77.21arcsecTotal source size (sum of linear lobe lengths)582.4kpc
Total source size (sum of largest linear lobe sizes)77.52arcsecTotal source size (sum of largest linear lobe sizes)584.7kpc
Source recession coeff. (zeta)0.8564   
Recession asymmetry (delta)1.273   
N lobe axial ratio6.96   
S lobe axial ratio4.31   
Average axial ratio5.63   
Axial ratio asymmetry (longer lobe)1.61   
Axial ratio asymmetry (jet side)1.61   
Fractional separation difference (x_lobe)0.1974   
Fractional separation difference (x_jet)0.1974   
N lobe core-hotspot distance35.56arcsecN lobe core-hotspot distance268.2kpc
N lobe angular length47.22arcsecN lobe length347.7kpc
N lobe length resolution correction1.12arcsecN lobe length resolution correction8.45kpc
N lobe largest angular size47.78arcsecN lobe LLS350.0kpc
N lobe largest angular size r.c.1.37arcsecN lobe LLS r.c.10.3kpc
N lobe angular width6.67arcsecN lobe width50.3kpc
N lobe max angular width9.44arcsecN lobe max width71.2kpc
N lobe flux0.2942JyN lobe luminosity5.409 × 1025W/Hz/sr
N lobe flux error0.0088JyN lobe luminosity error1.6 × 1024W/Hz/sr
N lobe fractional length0.56   
N lobe fractional max width position0.79   
N lobe depolarization-0.26   
S lobe core-hotspot distance30.56arcsecS lobe core-hotspot distance230.5kpc
S lobe angular length32.78arcsecS lobe length234.6kpc
S lobe length resolution correction1.67arcsecS lobe length resolution correction12.6kpc
S lobe largest angular size32.78arcsecS lobe LLS234.6kpc
S lobe largest angular size r.c.1.67arcsecS lobe LLS r.c.12.6kps
S lobe angular width7.22arcsecS lobe width54.5kpc
S lobe max angular width10.00arcsecS lobe max width75.42kpc
S lobe flux0.3982JyS lobe luminosity7.321 × 1025W/Hz/sr
S lobe flux error0.012JyS lobe luminosity error2.2 × 1024W/Hz/sr
S lobe fractional length0.75   
S lobe fractional max width position0.58   
S lobe depolarization-0.19   
Straight jet sideN   
Straight jet statusPossible   
Straight jet flux0.0048JyStraight jet luminosity6.7 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Straight jet flux error0.001JyStraight jet luminosity error1 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Straight jet angular length32.07arcsecStraight jet length241.9kpc
Straight jet angular position--arcsecStraight jet position--kpc
Straight counterjet statusUndetected   
Straight counterjet flux<0.0053JyStraight counterjet luminosity<7.4 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Straight counterjet flux error--JyStraight counterjet luminosity error--W/Hz/sr
Straight counterjet angular length21.73arcsecStraight counterjet length163.9kpc
Straight counterjet angular position--arcsecStraight counterjet position--kpc
Straight jet prominence0.00013   
Straight jet prominence error0.00003   
Straight counter jet prominence0.00014   
Straight counter jet prominence error--   
Total jet sideN   
Total jet statusPossible   
Total jet flux0.0048JyTotal jet luminosity6.7 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Total jet flux error0.001JyTotal jet luminosity error1 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Total jet angular length32.07arcsecTotal jet length241.9kpc
Total jet angular position--arcsecTotal jet position--kpc
Total counterjet statusUndetected   
Total counterjet flux<0.0053JyTotal counterjet luminosity<7.4 × 1023W/Hz/sr
Total counterjet flux error--JyTotal counterjet luminosity error--W/Hz/sr
Total counterjet angular length21.73arcsecTotal counterjet length163.9kpc
Total counterjet angular position--arcsecTotal counterjet position--kpc
Total jet prominence0.00013   
Total jet prominence error0.00003   
Total counterjet prominence<0.00014   
Total counterjet prominence error--   
Fractional jet length0.6910   
Fractional jet position--   
Fractional jet termination0.6910   
N hotspot statusYes   
N hotspot number1   
N hotspot flux density0.1398JyN hotspot luminosity1.956 × 1025W/Hz/sr
N hotspot flux error0.0001JyN hotspot luminosity error1 × 1022W/Hz/sr
N hotspot major axis1.26arcsecN hotspot major axis9.50kpc
N hotspot minor axis0.54arcsecN hotspot minor axis4.1kpc
N hotspot average size0.90arcsecN hotspot average size6.8kpc
N lobe hotspot prominence0.00380   
S hotspot statusYes   
S hotspot number1   
S hotspot flux density0.2529JyS hotspot luminosity3.538 × 1025W/Hz/sr
S hotspot flux error0.00008JyS hotspot luminosity error1 × 1022W/Hz/sr
S hotspot major axis0.75arcsecS hotspot major axis5.7kpc
S hotspot minor axis0.65arcsecS hotspot minor axis4.9kpc
S hotspot average size0.70arcsecS hotspot average size5.3kpc
S lobe hotspot prominence0.00687   
Average hotspot size0.80arcsecAverage hotspot size6.0kpc
N lobe primary fractional hotspot size0.019   
S lobe primary fractional hotspot size0.023   
N lobe hotspot recession coeff. (eta) 0.7714   
S lobe hotspot recession coeff. (eta)0.9823   
Primary hotspot size asymmetry1.3   
Primary hotspot prominence asymmetry0.5528   

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